The Spanish Guitar Centre has a wide range of handmade classical guitars, music and accessories.

The Spanish Guitar Centre was founded in 1954 by Jazz and classical guitarist Michael Watson, a student of Andres Segovia. Chris Gilbert has now run the centre for more than 40 years.

For over half a century the Centre has been the country’s premier source of guitars, music, strings and accessories. The Spanish Guitar Centre was one on the very first importers of instruments from guitar workshops all over Spain and led the way in championing the talents of luthiers in the U.K.

The Guitar Centre provides Instruments for the complete beginner through to the concert player, with people travelling from all over the country/world to make purchases.

All guitars are checked, set up and if necessary, restrung before sale – this attention to detail is our hallmark. Our comprehensive mail order system covers all stocks and the Centre is a specialist in the export of instruments worldwide.

The original aim of the centre was to provide expert guitar tuition and it remains a School of the Guitar, with tuition provided by professional guitarists, many of whom also teach in schools and colleges throughout Bristol and the UK.

Owner Chris Gilbert

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