We stock a wide range of classical and elctro acustic guitars for
the beginner to concert guitarist.


We have a wide range of top quality, hand made instruments to suit all levels of player. Each guitar that we stock is carefully set-up and checked to ensure that it meets our high standards, this combined with our personal one on one service from our guitar experts gives our customers, we believe, a great buying experience.

Our student guitars range from half (suitable for children from around six) to full size and are more than capable of taking the player to a decent standard (around grade 4 – 5). Although these guitars are at the cheaper end of our range they are all good quality playing instruments, with each being carefully set-up and checked and before selling.

For the more experienced player we offer a range of studio and concert guitars that are truly best in class handmade instruments capable of taking you to grade 8 and beyond. All our guitars in this range are made with the very best timbers from pretigious makers around the world.


Flamenco guitars are built lighter with thinner tops than classical guitars and produce a “brighter” and more percussive sound quality. Builders also use less internal bracing to keep the top more percussively resonant.

Each of the flamenco guitars in our range are extensively played and checked by our resident flamenco expert Cuffy – Cuffy’s name is synonymous with flamenco guitar in Bristol and far beyond! He regularly performs, teaches and is in much demand accompanying dancers and singers. He studied flamenco under Tito Heredia, Paco Serrano and Gerardo Nunez (to find out more check Cuffy’s full profile under Tuition).

Electro acoustic

We also stock a limited range of electro acoustic guitars. These offer the best of both worlds – the tone of an acoustic with the power, volume and capabilities of an electric. They are especially ideal on stage where they can be plugged straight into an amp without the need for mics.

Sale on Freshman guitar range

We now have up to 30% off the listed price of our range of Freshman steel string and electro acoustic guitars! (Please note, stocks are limited).

Freshman guitars are one of the UK’s Top 5 Selling acoustic guitar brandsSince their inception they have placed an unshakeable focus on providing the best quality instruments at exceptional prices. They source the finest tonewoods from across the world, offering inspirational sound across their diverse range.

The sale starts with the renegade steel string series (models RENFWR, RENFP, RENFN and RENFBK). The series is specifically designed to be easy to play, making the guitars the perfect choice for beginners, or guitarists looking for their first serious instrument. They are made with a laminate spruce top, mahogany back & sides and rosewood fingerboard.

All guitars in this series are discounted from £149 to £99.

Next in the sale are the renegade electro acoustic series (models RENOCBL, RENOCSB and RENOCP). Electro acoustic guitars offer the best of both worlds – the tone of an acoustic with the power, volume and capabilities of an electric. They are especially ideal on stage where they can be plugged straight into an amp without the need for mics. As with the other guitars in the renegade series they are easy to play, well built instruments.

Freshman’s research and development work with AER – Europe’s most pre-eminent amplification systems designers – means that their electro-acoustic guitars are now fitted with world leading electronics.

All the electro acoustic guitars in this series are reduced from £199 to £149.

Last but not least are the maple ridge electro acoustic guitars (model FA1AM). Finished to an impeccable standard, the Maple Ridge series embodies everything that Freshman Guitars consider important. Built to meet stringent standards using the best, hand-selected materials, everything that goes into a Maple Ridge guitar is designed to produce the best possible sound.

The FA1AM is built with a solid sitka spruce top and quilted maple back & sides. Visually stunning, these guitars produce a bright, lively sound, while still maintaining a deeper sound at the lower end.

The FA1AM has been reduced from £299 to £249.

Full list of guitars

ClassicalConcertAlex Pye4/4No. 4£2,000
ClassicalConcertBurguet4/42M (Spruce)£1,699
ClassicalConcertBurguet4/4EM Rosewood / Cedar£1,175
ClassicalConcertBurguet4/43M / Cedar£1,075
ClassicalConcertBurguet4/43M (Spruce)£1,175
ClassicalConcertBurguet4/4Noguera (Spruce)£1,580
ClassicalConcertBurguet4/4Estudio (Spruce)£1,150
ClassicalConcertBurguet4/4AB - 026, Rosewood / Spruce£5,250
ClassicalConcertBurguet4/41AS (Spruce)£2,850
ClassicalConcertJake Fuller4/4No. 90£2,200
ClassicalConcertJeongwoo Cho4/471 - Spruce / Maple£900
ClassicalConcertJohn Ainsworth4/4Picchio Muratore - Rosewood / Spruce£4,000
ClassicalConcertPalo Castillo4/4203 - Rosewood / german spruce£839
ClassicalConcertRoger Williams4/4Rosewood / Spruce£3,600
ClassicalConcertSanchez4/423 - Mahogany / Cedar£875
ClassicalConcertSanchez4/420 Rosewood / Cedar£835
ClassicalConcertSanchez4/425s (Spruce)£835
FlamencoConcertAlex Pye4/415£2,200
FlamencoConcertBurguet4/41FS (Spruce)£2,660
ClassicalStudentFerrino3/4MFS34 (purple body)£65
ClassicalStudentHokada4/43150 second hand£109
ClassicalStudioAntonio Pinto De Carvalho4/43C£299
ClassicalStudioAntonio Sanchez4/4Model 3000£575
ClassicalStudioAzahar4/4Palo Santo (rosewood) Mexico 140£425
ClassicalStudioAzahar4/4Erimoe 102£335
ClassicalStudioAzahar4/4Palo Santo 142£475
ClassicalStudioHans Keller4/4A10£489
ClassicalStudioPaco Castillo7/8201£215
ClassicalStudioPaco Castillo4/4201 gloss£269
ClassicalStudioPaco Castillo4/4203£449
ClassicalStudioPaco Castillo4/4201£269
ClassicalStudioPaco Castillo7/8201£215
Electro acusticConcertFerrino4/4MFC£499
Electro acusticConcertRoger Williams4/4VE 9000RW£629
Electro acusticStudentValencia4/4CG200CE+£189
Electro acusticStudioFerrino4/4MFBC LH£399
Electro acusticStudioFreshman4/4FA1AM£299
Electro acusticStudioFreshman4/4RENOCBL£199
Electro acusticStudioFreshman4/4RENOCSB£199
Electro acusticStudioFreshman4/4RENOCP£199
Steel stringStudioFreshman4/4RENFP£149
Steel stringStudioFreshman4/4RENFWR£149
Steel stringStudioFreshman4/4RENFN£149
Electro acusticStudioFreshman4/4FA1DSB(S)£199
Steel stringStudioFreshman4/4RENFBK£149
FlamencoStudioPaco Castillo4/4214F£589