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Student Guitars:
Valencia student guitars (1/4, 1/2, 3/4,4/4) are the most popular budget
range we stock. They are laminate construction, with a good playing action.
1/4    4.1cm nut, 48cm string length.
1/2    4.2cm nut, 53cm string length
3/4    4.8cm nut, 58cm string length
4/4    5.1cm nut, 65.2cm string length

Ferrer student guitars complement the Valencia range, providing a choice of similar
quality, laminate instruments.
1/2    4.4cm nut, 57.5cm string length
3/4    4.4cm nut, 57.5cm string length
4/4    5cm nut, 64.7cm string length

Hokada 3/4    4.8cm nut, 61.3cm string length, solid top, inlaid purfling.

Santiago 3/4    4.7cm nut, 54.7cm string length, solid top, inlaid purfling.

Clasico    laminate construction 7/8 size, 65cm string length.
Hokada 4/4     solid top, inlaid purfling.
Bubinga 4/4     inlaid purfling, bubinga laminate.
Ferrer 4/4      solid spruce top, inlaid purfling.
Hokada 4/4   solid top, choice of solid cherry or maple back & sides.
Diana 4/4    solid top model from the Admira range.
Valencia 4/4    solid cedar top, sapele back & sides.