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Augustine has the distinction of being the oldest nylon string manufacturer in the business. The Regal and Imperial lines use the same bass strings.   Blue basses are higher tension than Red.  The trebles for both lines are made using a nylon monofilament resin developed by Dupont and improved processing techniques which greatly improve their tone and consistency.  The Regal trebles are higher in tension than the Imperials.  The trebles tune to pitch quickly and hold pitch very well.  The basses are rich and warm with excellent intonation, but take longer than the trebles to settle into pitch.

Please Note:- Recently we have experienced considerable difficulties in obtaining stocks of Augustine strings, but we hold stocks whenever they are available.

Augustine Blue Imperial

Per set 11.50  

Augustine Red Imperial

Per set 10.50  
Augustine Blue Regal Per set 11.20  
Augustine Red Regal Per set 9.95  

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