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The Labella 2001 Series are excellent strings from an excellent maker. LaBella’s reputation for making premier strings for many instruments is world renown. Their superb talents have extended into the classical guitar world with the 2001 series. The basses are warm, the trebles are bright and clear.  These strings have good sustain and project well and are very consistent.  They tune up quickly and stay in tune very well.  The hard and extra hard tensions can be played loud without breaking up.  These are excellent strings that will compliment any level of expertise or playing style.



La Bella 2001- Medium Tension Per set £12.95
La Bella 2001- Medium Hard Tension Per set £12.95
La Bella 2001- Hard Tension Per set £12.95
La Bella 2001- Flamenco, Medium Tension  Black Trebles Per set £12.95
La Bella 2001 Flamenco (Hard Tension, black trebles) Per set £12.95
La Bella Studio Recording  Strings   Per set £19.95
La Bella 860 Sets (Nylon wound 2nd & 3rd Per set £12.95
La Bella Golden superior (Black trebles, golden basses)  Per set £12.95
La Bella Folk Singer (Ball end nylon)  Per set £12.95
La Bella 900-B (Black nylon trebles, golden alloy basses) Per set £12.95

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