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Savarez offers 3 lines of strings, each having their own distinct character.

The Traditional basses are warm and strong.  The trebles, which are less polished than other trebles, are easily controlled, are secure under the fingers, and like the basses have a strong, clear tone.

The Alliance line is noted for the long life of the strings. The trebles have a slightly thinner diameter than most other brands, and they are very smooth to the touch. The basses are slightly brighter than the Savarez Traditionals.

The Corum line uses the Alliance trebles, but the basses are very different. The Corum basses are more flexible, the projection is excellent, the sound is rich and warm, intonation is consistent, and they have a longer life. The Corum basses are good when mixing trebles and basses within the Savarez line or with other brands.

Savarez  520R (Ground trebles) Per set 13.90  

Savarez metal wound 3rd

N/A 3.50  
Savarez nylon wound trebles Each 3.50  
Savarez Corum 500AR (Normal Tension)   Per set 17.95  
Savarez Corum 500CR Crystal  (Normal Tension)   Per set 13.90  
Savarez Corum 500AJ (High Tension)   Per set 17.95  
Savarez Corum 500ARJ (H/T Bass, N/T Trebles) Per set 17.95  
Savarez 520R Bass Sets Per Set 10.50