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Luthier High Quality Strings now available Direct from the Spanish Guitar Centre

Luthier Popular Supreme Set 20  (Medium tension)   £8.95 per set  
Luthier Concert Silver Set 30  (Medium/hard tension)  £8.95 per set   
Luthier Concert Silver Set 50  (Hard tension)  £8.95 per set  
Luthier Concert Silver  Set 60  (Extra high tension) £8.95 per set  


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Recent Customer review

Review of Luthier Hard Tension Classical Strings

My normal strings are D’Addario Pro Arte Composites for bass and G string, and Augustine Blue (Hard Tension) for B and high E, on a Roger Williams 2010 cedar top, a lovely instrument.

I was persuaded to try these strings by Chris Gilbert of the Spanish Guitar Centre after a meeting at the Bristol Classical Guitar Society recently.  They replaced my rather tired previous strings and I was rather dubious of trying new strings as I really like my usual setup.  However, these Luthier strings are very good.

The basses are bright and tight without being over powering and respond well to a strong touch, as well as a gentle one.  They feel positive and firm to the touch, possibly as good as my usual Pro Arte Composites.

The trebles are a little different.  I am accustomed to a composite 3rd and have always had difficulty with a nylon 3rd but this one responds well.  All three treble stings feel smoother and fatter than the Augustines and D’Addarios but they are sweeter as a result.  They produce quite a round or “fat” tone and are slightly less well-defined than the Augustines, to my ears; but only slightly!

I have been playing Bach, Brouwer, Albeniz, Barrios, Sor, Giuliani, Villa Lobos, and Guimaraes recently and am still settling into these strings; however, they respond well, feel positive and sound alive!

It’s also good to try something new to make you aware of your technique again!  These strings are sweeter than my previous setup, but very enjoyable.  I would buy them again.