The Spanish Guitar Centre has a wide variety of classical guitar strings available for all types of playing styles and standards.

We stock a wide range of guitar strings for the classical guitar as well as a selection for the flamenco and steel string. Feel free to get in contact and we would be more than happy to talk you through our selection to find the right strings for you.


DAddario-Pro-Arte-EJ45-Medium-TensionPro-Arte strings from D’Adarrio are favoured worldwide by luthiers, players and professionals alike. Their intonation is excellent and consistent. They are neither overly bright nor overly mellow. The EJ Composite sets feature synthetic fibre bass strings, which keep their brilliance for a significantly longer time. Also, a synthetic fibre 3rd string overcomes the tuning problems with so many nylon 3rd strings. D’Adarrio’s new EXP Classical Strings deliver at least 4 times more string life with NO SACRIFICES. Their new patented EXP micro-coated basses provide a pure tone, a natural feel and balanced life for the whole set.


Savarez-Corum-500AR-Normal-TensionSavarez offers 3 lines of strings, each having their own distinct character. The Traditional bases are warm and strong. The trebles, which are less polished than other trebles, are easily controlled, secure under the fingers and like the bases have a strong, clear tone.

The Alliance line is noted for the long life of the strings. The trebles have a slightly thinner diameter than most other brands, and they are very smooth to the touch. The basses are slightly brighter than the Savarez Traditionals.

The Corum line uses the Alliance trebles, but the basses are very different. The Corum basses are more flexible, the projection is excellent, the sound is rich and warm, intonation is consistent and they have a longer life. The Corum basses are good when mixing trebles and basses within the Savarez line or with other brands.


Aranjuez-classic-silver-set-300These can be considered to be the “Strings of the Masters”, made by luthier Juan Orozco. Aranjuez strings are played by such notable guitarists as Angel Romero. These are traditional strings with a rich full bodied sound and solid timbre.


Augustine-Red-RegalAugustine has the distinction of being the oldest nylon string manufacturer in the business. The Regal and Imperial lines use the same bass strings. Blue basses are higher tension than Red. The trebles for both lines are made using a nylon mono-filament resin developed by DuPont and improved processing techniques which greatly improve their tone and consistency. The Regal trebles are higher in tension than the Imperials. The trebles tune to pitch quickly and hold pitch very well. The basses are rich and warm with excellent intonation, but take longer than the trebles to settle into pitch.

La Bella

la-bella-2001The La Bella 2001 Series are excellent strings from an excellent maker. LaBella’s reputation for making premier strings for many instruments is world renown. Their superb talents have extended into the classical guitar world with the 2001 series. The basses are warm, the trebles are bright and clear. These strings have good sustain and project well and are very consistent. They tune up quickly and stay in tune very well. The hard and extra hard tensions can be played loud without breaking up. These are excellent strings that will compliment any level of expertise or playing style.


hier-Concert-Silver-Set-30-Medium-hard-tensionThe basses are bright and tight without being over powering and respond well to a strong touch, as well as a gentle one. They feel positive and firm to the touch, possibly as good as my usual Pro Arte Composites.

The trebles are a little different. I am accustomed to a composite 3rd and have always had difficulty with a nylon 3rd but this one responds well. All three treble stings feel smoother and fatter than the Augustines and D’Addarios but they are sweeter as a result. They produce quite a round or “fat” tone and are slightly less well-defined than the Augustines, to my ears; but only slightly!

Full list of guitar strings can be found below. (You can click on the dropdowns to narrow down your selection)

We realise that it isn’t always convenient for you to come the Centre, so of the strings that we like we have added links so that you can easily buy online, if you are interested just click on the image of the set of strings that you are interested in purchasing.

GuitarProducerString TensionDescriptionClick image to buy
ClassicalD'Addario02. LowD'Addario Pro-Arte EJ43 (Light Tension)D
ClassicalD'Addario03. MediumD'Addario EXP45 (Normal Tension)D
ClassicalD'Addario03. MediumD'Addario Pro-Arte EJ45 (Medium Tension)D
ClassicalD'Addario05. HighD'Addario EXP46 (Hard Tension)D
ClassicalD'Addario05. HighD'Addario Pro-Arte EJ46TT (Hard Tension)D
ClassicalD'Addario06. Extra HighD'Addario EXP44 (Extra Hard Tension)D
ClassicalAugustine03. MediumAugustine Classic/Red (Medium tension)Augustine Classic/Red (Medium tension)
ClassicalAugustine04. Medium HighAugustine Red RegalAugustine Red Regal
ClassicalAugustine05. HighAugustine Classic/Blue (High Tension)Augustine Classic/Blue (High Tension)
ClassicalAugustine05. HighAugustine Regal Blue Set Copper Wound Classical Guitar StringsAugustine Regal Blue Set Copper Wound Classical Guitar Strings
ClassicalLa Bella03. MediumLa Bella 2001- Medium TensionLa Bella 2001- Medium Tension
ClassicalLa Bella03. MediumLa Bella 900-B (Black nylon trebles, golden alloy basses)La Bella 900-B (Black nylon trebles, golden alloy basses)
ClassicalLa Bella04. Medium HighLa Bella 2001- Medium Hard TensionLa Bella 2001- Medium Hard Tension
ClassicalLa Bella05. HighLa Bella 860 Sets (Nylon wound 2nd & 3rd)La Bella 860 Sets (Nylon wound 2nd & 3rd)
ClassicalAranjuez02. LowAranjuez Classical Guitar A700 Concert Gold (Low Tension)Aranjuez Classical Guitar A700 Concert Gold (Low Tension)
ClassicalAranjuez05. HighAranjuez Concert silver set 400Aranjuez Concert silver set 400
ClassicalHannabach03. MediumHannabach terz no. 830 MT (Medium Tension)Hannabach terz no. 830 MT (Medium Tension)
ClassicalHannabach03. MediumHannabach 652757 Series 850 PSP (Medium Tension)Hannabach 652757 Series 850 PSP (Medium Tension)
ClassicalHannabach03. MediumHannabach 815 MT (Medium Tension)Hannabach 815 MT (Medium Tension)
ClassicalLuthier03. MediumLuthier Popular Supreme - Set 20 (Medium Tension)Luthier Popular Supreme - Set 20 (Medium Tension)
ClassicalLuthier04. Medium HighLuthier Concert Silver - Set 30 (Medium/Hard tension)Luthier Concert Silver - Set 30 (Medium/Hard tension)
ClassicalLuthier06. Extra HighLuthier Concert Silver - Set 60 (Extra High Tension)Luthier Concert Silver - Set 60 (Extra High Tension)
ClassicalSavarez05. HighSavarez 570 CSSavarez 570 CS
ClassicalSavarez05. HighSavarez Corum 500AJ (High Tension)Savarez Corum 500AJ (High Tension)
ClassicalSonata04. Medium HighSonata (Medium-high Tension)Sonata (Medium-high Tension)
Steel stringD'Addario01. Extra LightD'Addario EJ15 Phosphor bronze (Warm, bright & balanced tone)D
Steel stringD'Addario02. LowD'Addario EJ26 Phosphor bronze (Warm, bright & balanced tone)D
Steel stringD'Addario02. LowD'Addario EJ16 Phosphor bronze (Warm, bright & balanced tone)D
Steel stringD'Addario03. MediumD'Addario EJ17 Phosphor bronze (Warm, bright & balanced tone)D
Steel stringD'Addario05. HighD'Addario EJ18 Phosphor bronze (Warm, bright & balanced tone)D
Steel stringD'Addario99. OtherD'Addario EZ940 American bronze (12 string set)D
Steel stringPicato02. LowPicato Acoustic guitar 80/20 bronzePicato Acoustic guitar 80/20 bronze
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